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Additional services to help you get settled in

When you think about your move, you’ll always think about movers, utility vehicles and a change of address. But what about everything else?
Whether you need to renovate, install an alarm or switch to alternative energy to heat your new home, this is the perfect time to think about what you need and what you really want!

Here’s what your Faddem Concierge recommends:
To ensure that your move goes as smoothly as possible, plan ahead: sort through your belongings, make a list of things to do, etc. Organisation is what will make your move a success!

Looking to renovate or improve your current or future home?

Rethink how you heat your home, and get a specialist in to help you make the change

Cleaning, ironing, gardening... find the right person to help you out at home.

Whether you need an air purifier, furniture or appliances, you can find what you need to equip your home.